Sweet Russian Cabbage Soup Recipe
29.03.2018 05:57
Having lived in Central Arkansas for more than 30 years, my husband beef chilli delia I are familiar with most of the restaurants in the Little Rock (LR) and North Little Rock (NLR) cities. We're back in town on business this week, and decided to drive around a bit and see what was new. What we found may quite frankly be our new favorite place to eat. Fire fall Grill and Bar is located in what can only be described as a strip mall. It's in the middle of a parking lot of the local Kroger Grocery store on at 2513 McCain Boulevard in North Little Rock.

The next meal involved a middle-eastern specialty known as Kube, slow cooker beef brisket chili in crushed Bulgar jackets accompanied by Swiss Chard and a slightly sour, delicious broth. The wine had crisp acidity and a tinge of tobacco but not a lot of fruit.

February 3 - Chocolate Festival. The Odenton Heritage Chocolate Festival will be held from 1-4 p.m. at the Odenton Heritage Society on 1367 Odenton Road in Odenton. Adult admission is and includes a box of Chunky Beef Chili Spagnvola bonBons.

In the 1960's Martin Luther King Jr. and the liberals were communists and socialists. They are communists and socialists today. They Slow Cooker Beef Chili support Bill Ayers. The conservatives were and are Nazi's and Fascists. They support the School of the Americas. Free market people are idol worshipers, the idol being the market; they are anarchists; against government intervention in their market based affairs. The liberals are leftists and the conservatives are radical right wingers.

Bet you thought I wasn't going to get to desserts didn't you? Ha! Fooled you. I simply saved the best for last! I recommend the Turtle Ice Cream Cake ($5.95) Ribbons of caramel, crunchy pecans, decadent chocolate cake and cold vanilla ice cream. Does it get any better than this? Well, yes if I'd had more time, and hadn't eaten the salmon, I'd probably be having the warm cobbler of the day ($3.95) in this case: cherry served ala mode. They also offer a Fire Fall Brownie Volcano ($5.95), Cheesecake with chocolate raspberry or strawberry topping ($4.50) and a Peanut Butter Pie Supreme ($5.95) which all sound detrimental to my waist line.

For dessert - keeping it simple - your favorite Halloween candy is the perfect treat! Choose a variety of Halloween candies and fill up big bowls to place at your different stations. Guests can dig in and trick or treat throughout the night!


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