For Those Who Love Bacon To Death The Bacon Coffin
15.10.2017 12:57
Braising meat is becoming some what of a trend. The benefits of it, however, are endless. It's a slow cooking technique that provides tender, juicy meat, regardless of the cut. The tricky part is actually trivial if you know what you're doing.

Ann has found four chefs to try out for the job Juan Pedrosa from Boston Mass Ben Diaz is from Duarte Calif Chris Mack from Rockville slow cooker pork belly Md and Jamil Peden from Santa Rosa Calif.

First, Sear your meat and veggies with liberal salt and pepper. some people like to coat their meat in flour. I don't suggest this because it can burn very easily. If you are using pork belly sous vide, leave the skin on. Throw in some carrots, celery and shallots. maybe apples if you want. Then sear the meat until it is more than golden brown. The best sears are the ones that are as close to burning as you can get with out actual burning or carbon development. Remember to salt heavily in this stage as salt brings out most flavors of your veggies.

The tuna dish is enough for atleast 3 people to split. We loved how fresh and citrusy this dish was. The oysters were perfect and flavorful. It's refreshing to see a restaurant bake oysters and not fry them. The shoestring potatoes on the oysters provided a nice, complementary crunch. The truffle fries were amazing- a creative departure from the usual salt-soaked french fries. The slow cooked slow roast belly pork was rich- this is definitely not something I could've finished alone. It's a beautiful thing when you can split an appetizer when it's already priced half off!

Prosciutto is the Italian word for ham, but don't think hickory smoked. Prosciutto is aged, dry cured, uncooked, salted and spiced. The selected hams are rested for 24 hours to drain. They are trimmed of fat and skin, salted and spiced with flavors of the region, then set aside for another few months where they are gently, carefully pressed in order to exude as much of the liquid as possible. During that period, they are occasionally re-rubbed with salt and spices. After the curing process, the ham is washed over and over to remove the salt, then hung in a cool, dry, airy space for up to TWO YEARS! The pressing removes the juices, concentrating the slow cooked pork belly flavor and enhancing it with the spices and salt.

When you walk in, you are greeted with friendly faces and the service is fast, especially for the hurried lunch crowd. But that might be because most people already know what to order when they walk in through the door. It is the ramen. The only question is whether to order the full size, or the half sized (note: half size is not half the price). The price for a full serving is $8.50.

Serve immediately with Irish brown bread.Don't forget the Irish Tea with its full flavor, strong, lemony, hearty and malty taste, is an ideal accompaniment to a morning meal. Some people drink it with a splash of Irish whisky in it and others with milk and honey.


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