Dinner Ideas When Dining Outdoors
16.10.2017 01:11

On Saturday, October 11 the grills fired up and the church members gathered. It was time for the 44th Annual Chicken Barbecue of Strawberry Plains United Methodist Church. Tickets were $8.00 each. In addition to chicken the menu includes slaw, green beans, baked potato, bread and dessert. Plates are available for dining in or to go.

There are several ways on how you can cook barbecue chicken. For some, they boil the chicken before they put it on the grill so that the chicken will already be cooked. However, the flavor will only be skin deep. If you want the chicken to have more flavor, it is recommended that you marinate the chicken beforehand. You can marinate it for 60 minutes when at room temperature or you can do it for 48 hours but it needs to be refrigerated. Once you put it on the grill, cook it on slow fire, adding the sauce to make it taste even better. Since you have marinated the chicken already, you can be sure that the flavor can be tasted in every part of the chicken.

The interior is all about dark woods and huge TVs everywhere showing various sports channels. Soooo every time the Panthers play an away game while we're here, you can find our butts planted firmly at Flanigan's. You can sit at the bar if you like, but we usually prefer to sit in the dining area... go early if you want a booth. They start filling up fast starting at around 7PM.

You could use a theme for the custom cookbook. It could be a book of breakfast recipes or a book of dessert recipes. You could make it a style of cooking, say a book of barbecue recipes or slow cooker slow cooker bbq chicken tacos. There are a lot of Asian recipes out there so it could be based on that type of theme as well.

If it a Greek flare you are craving for your holiday meal, look no further than Greek Islands Taverna. This is a wonderful place with loads of character and an extremely friendly staff. This is a favorite hot spot for Lauderdale locals. There was even one couple that drove down from West Palm Beach (100 miles away) just to eat the Gorides Tou Sotiri (shrimp- $20) here. I'm slow cooker bbq chicken not lying. They're that loyal.

Rub the brisket down thoroughly and wrap tightly in foil, making sure the wrapping is tight enough to prevent the juices from leaking out. Put the wrapped brisket on your BBQ grill and close the lid down. You want a hot, but slow, fire. Let the brisket cook in the foil, turning it every hour or so, all morning while you enjoy the rest of your Labor Day activities.

Fortunately, almost everywhere we went had BBQ chicken or ribs, which the kids ate. They tried and liked rice and beans, fried plantains, and a variety of new fruits like mangoes.

If a host of an over the hill party would like the birthday person to feel like they are 21 again there are great barbecue chicken aluminum foil to achieve this. The decorations are not as important for this theme party but maybe line the walls with beer bottle caps or pizza boxes. The host, instead of filling out written invitations calls each person and tells them to bring a friend.


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